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Mirotic still has more to offer Bulls posted on 12/28/2014

Nikola Mirotic has demonstrated proficiency his rookie season. Yet  being a member of the Bulls does mean having to play for a coach who takes a gradual integration approach with rookies; however, a litany of frontcourt injuries have provided Mirotic with ample chances to crack the rotation.

Mirotic could be one of the more consistent Bulls contributors if given the proper chance, and therein lies the challenge. His designated position, along with the roster depth, presents more problems than solutions for finding a stable spot in the rotation.

Mirotic is listed as a power forward, and that is the reason why playing time will be hard to come by for him; his positional superiors are Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson. When those guys are healthy, along with starting center

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Chicago Bulls Preseason Report 2014 posted on 09/30/2014

Chicago Bulls were able to show great promise even with some of the worst disasters the team had to face. With Luol Deng being dumped in January, and Derrick Rose suffering a debilitating injury, the prospects looked very bleak. However, the Bulls managed to turn it all around, and even though they lost five games to Washington Wizards in the playoffs first round, it seemed surprising. The team managed 69 points in its last game, even with a great defense. However, this shows that having a fantastic defense is not enough for winning.

The requirements of the Chicago Bulls were obvious, as they needed shooters who were good at spacing and creating shots. Derrick Rose was supposed to deliver, but the team did not expect everything from him after he came back. The team badly needed new talent, and they were playing very hard for each win. Therefore, in the postseason, Washington Wizards found it very easy to prepare against the Bulls.

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Are Chicago Bulls a Good Contender for NBA Basketball Wagers posted on 01/09/2013
The Chicago Bulls, who have always been one of the most successful teams and therefore favourites for people looking to place bets at the local bookies, received a major setback recently when they lost to Charlotte Bobcats with ten points, with a score of 91-81. This was quite unexpected, as the Bobcats had lost 18 games in a row before playing the Bulls. It is obvious that the team desperately needs Derrick Rose; however, this seems to be a distant possibility. The shooting by the Chicago Bulls was not only quite poor, but the defending play was also much below normal. Even though, Luol Deng made determined efforts, he was quite inefficient with 14 rebounds and only 19 points during the play quarter. The Chicago Bulls seemed to be trailing by 10 points from the beginning, which the home crowd found quite upsetting. The loss to Charlotte Bobcats has made the Bulls drop to 16-13 this season.  

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